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Esteemed surfer ,

Welcome to the Supreme Court of Namibia. The Namibian constitution vests the judicial power in the courts of Namibia, which include the Supreme Court. As the court at the apex of the judicial hierarchy in the country, the Supreme Court is tasked with the constitutional responsibility of hearing and adjudicating appeals from the High Court, including appeals which involve the interpretation, implementation and upholding of the constitution. The Supreme Court is also empowered to deal with matters referred to it for decision by the Attorney General in his or her fulfilment of the constitutional obligation 'to take all action necessary for the upholding and protection of the Constitution'. The court, therefore, functions both as a court of last resort over disputes in all areas of the law as well as an equivalent of a constitutional court.

The Supreme Court and indeed all the courts in Namibia, owe our nation and society a fundamental duty to ensure that the core values that underpin our constitutional democracy: democratic governance, respect for fundamental rights and the rule of law are upheld and respected. An independent and effective judiciary ensures that judges live up to their oath of office, namely to defend and uphold the constitution and to fearlessly administer justice to all persons without favour or prejudice and in accordance with the laws of Namibia. Namibians and non-Namibians alike expect and deserve nothing less. All the judges in the country are committed to performing these important tasks with skill and attendant impartiality.

I commend all those that have contributed to the establishment of the Superior Courts website. Through your dedication, hard work and the sheer spirit of generosity, judgments of the Supreme Court will now be available to those members of the public that have access to this medium. The wider public will also be able to have access to information and learn a few facts about the Supreme Court, including the court building, that were hitherto known perhaps only to those that are in close contact with the courts such as members of the legal profession.